Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tool #9

It is critical to tie the technology to the objective because our students need to learn the skills.  They need to be able to know how to research, find valid, reliable information online; how to sort through loads of online information and how to think critically, to discern, and to validate data online.

Students should be held accountable for stations/centers because they need to know what the expectation is.  If our students are assigned a role and they know what is expected of them, they will deliver.  Thus, the expectations set forth are critical.

bubble.us is a great tool where our students can do their own thinking online. This is a great resource where kids can work collaboratively in groups or pairs to create story maps.  I thought that Sir Ken Robinson said it well when he said our kids learn better, more naturally, when they work collaboratively.  One of the apps that can be very beneficial for our kids is Toontastic or iMovie where they can have the visual for their story.

Some ipad apps that are very good:

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