Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tool #6

I haven't used scoop.it, but I am now a bit familiar with curating.  I understand that it is the platform for social media and that it may be the new google.  Instead of googling something, we may just be able to scoop.it.  I'm signed up with scoop.it and am following President Obama on twitter through scoop.it.



Twitter is a very effective tool to use in the classroom.  Students are able to follow strands on specific topic or issues.  I have not used twitter in the classroom, but it appears as though twitter is the new way to globally communicate and hear different perspectives from around the world based on a sigle topic or issue.

Wallwisher is a great tool that we were able to use in our Writing Institute last summer.  We were assigned a reading homework used it for accountability.  Wallwisher can easily be used in the classroom by assigning readings that students can summarize, and all they have to do is share with our class on Wallwisher one of their most important sentence in their summary.  One aspect of Wallwisher that is important is the anonymity, allowing students to take academic risks while at the same time holds them accountable for the reading and sharing.

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