Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tool #5


I am including a link to a Wordle that I created on Martin Luther King's Speech, "I have a Dream."  Using Wordle in an English class will be beneficial because my students will be able to see what concepts are inculcated through the repetition of words or phrases.  Many students, particularly 9th graders, get wrapped up in the details.  This tool will be useful to help them understand what is important and what is not so important to understand a text as a whole.


This tool will be quite effective and fun for kids because they are not intimidated when they communicate creating a cartoon or movie.  I can see how our persuasive unit will be much more engaging if our students have to think of what music, camera angles, text, they must include to persuade their audience and set the mood.  Critical thinking skills will be employed in their decision making.

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