Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tool #10

To become a digital citizen requires responsibility.  Students need to be taught about the content of what they  view.  Our purpose is to empower our kids to reach out to their peers around the world, to have them become global citizens.  It is not just about protecting them from the bad stuff, the inappropriate content, but rather to have them realize what they have at their fingertips, the power found in global communication.

Students need to understand that not everything on the internet is truth.  By using their critical thinking skills, they will be able to discern what is accurate or valid information and what is not.

One of the skills our students need to learn is how to discern information for validity and how to use keywords to help them narrow search and what sites are valid or appropriate.  Those are the skills we have to ensure our students are learning in this digital world for digital citizen.

The November Learning Page is invaluable to seeking valid information online.  http://novemberlearning.com/resources/information-literacy-resources/

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